An Abundance of Katherine’s

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Downtown Peterborough

An Abundance of Katherine’s by John Green was one of the top 10 books I probably wouldn’t read again, now I love the The Fault in our Stars by John Green but this particular book but quite blain compared to Fault in our Stars. It was painful to try and get through this book. I’m the type of person who feels the need to finish a book I’ve started no matter what. Sometimes I make an exception, but I didn’t and I finished it which made me glad because now I can tell people I finished An Abundance of Katherine’s and it wasn’t my favourite of his work. 

Throughout the whole book this child prodigy guy is obsessing over his past girlfriends who happen to all be named Katherine. This guy is cocky and annoying and being a child prodigy he “knows” how smart he is and he flaunts it so I didn’t feel too bad for him when these girls were breaking up with him.

Meanwhile this guy is trying to make an equation as to why these girls are breaking up with him. Overall it was just a slow read, maybe I would have been able to relate to it more if I had just been broken up with or even was in a relationship but I haven’t so therefore the book was completely irrelevant to my life, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t helped a lot of other people. Some reviews I read about the book I see that people really like these kinds of stories and they find certain ways to really relate to it so I can sympathize with that. I’ve found books that I really relate to but others didn’t like and I find that really cool. 


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