Old Quebec Beavertails- Taken by Tori

Long have I had Beavertails. Beavertails are one of my favourite things to get when I go Ottawa or Quebec. This deep fried special kind of dough coated in cinnamon sugar is like magic hitting my taste buds.

For a long time, I stuck to the things I knew were good, I wasn’t into trying new things and I played it safe with treats and other foods. But recently in the past couple years I’ve really branched out. So…one day in the heart of old Quebec City I decided to try something new. Walking down the street with my father and sister I saw a beavertail place and of course I had to get one BUT I saw on the menu the Reese’s Pieces one and thought it would be exciting to try.

Now, I don’t know if my sweet tooth was just underdeveloped at the time or the beavertail was just overly sweet but the Reese’s piece’s beavertail was OVERLY sweet. I’m not going to say it was horrible, the first bite was good it had Nutella and that slight peanut butter flavour from the little Smarties sized Reese’s and the doughyness which is not too heavy like a donut but just the right amount. In the long run it was way to sweet and I couldn’t finish it.

Needless to say, this experience is what keeps me from trying new things because in the end all I really wanted was my plain old cinnamon sugar beavertail. But now I know so in the end, I came out with new found knowledge.


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