Fantastic Beasts, Not so Fantastic


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Reminded me of England- Taken by Tori

Let me start out by saying I love Harry Potter. I’ve read the books and watched all the movies multiply times and was really looking forward to Fantastic Beasts coming out. I haven’t read Fantastic Beast but from what I know it sounds like an informational book on weird creatures and not so much a movie. Because of this I think the plot and the whole movie was a stretch.

I know how much people wanted more Harry Potter and I can see how turning one of J.K Rowling’s book into another movie would seem like a good idea. 

Personally I think movies that are made as prequels to other movies are pointless in general. Let me tell you why. For example the new Rogue One Star Wars movie is kind of stupid because we already know what’s going to happen so who really cares what happened in between and had a minor or major impact on the final battle. I realize that to some people events leading up to things and how things happened can be interesting, for me I’m more about the end result. For Fantastic Beast I feel the same way except for the fact that these creatures that they chase throughout the movie don’t have any impact on the Harry Potter movies so I didn’t really relate it to Harry Potter. To add onto my opinion about this movie, the main actor Eddie Redmayne is awkward and I really don’t think he was perfectly fitting for the role. He’s a great actor in other things, this however I felt was not his strongest role.

If I hadn’t seen any of the Harry Potter movies then maybe I would of liked it more but because I’ve seen the epicness of Harry Potter my standards were pretty high, and I was let down.



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