Odds and Ends

Relationship Pet Peeve

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Stormy Day


While reading a Buzzfeed article on snapchat I came across something interesting that sparked a fire inside me. It had to do with relationships, particularly unbelievable breakup texts. The one I read was that the guy finally decided to break up with his girlfriend after months of questioning whether or not she was really into him or not. When he finally did breakup with her the girl said “oh good, I’ve been wanting to break up for a while now but was worried about hurting your feelings”.

There are so many things wrong with that but one thing that really got me was the fact that this girl had been wanting to breakup with him but didn’t because she was going to hurt his feelings. But realistically she was hurting his feelings the whole time. The past couple months that she had been thinking about it she was probably distant and rude and the guy was probably trying his best to make things work and had no idea what to do.

It’s so sad and makes me so angry that this happens in relationships. If I was dating someone and found out that they didn’t even like me but couldn’t break up with me because they were a whimp and decided to just torment me for a couple months and play with my emotions, I would be infuriated. It’s horrible, I would feel like I wasted my love on someone who didn’t deserve it. Nobody deserves to be treated like that, and that’s my strong opinion on one relationship breakup.


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