Beavertails Take Two

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Centre Island Beavertail- Taken by Tori

Despite my past encounters with trying new beavertails I decided to try another new one one day. Walking through Center Island in Toronto with my family, we all stopped for a Beavertail. I wasn’t originally going to get one (I know, shocker) but my sister and I decided we would split one. So as we’re all waiting in line I choose to go with the maple glazed Beavertail.

The person behind the counter gave me the maple Beavertail and I was slightly surprised because it wasn’t coated in cinnamon sugar, but I quickly got over that and took a bite. It wasn’t as mapleley as I expected it to be and by this time in my life my sweet tooth was more developed so I was wanting more of a maple taste because it wasn’t as present as I would like.

Nevertheless, the Beavertail wasn’t as sweet as the Reese’s one, which was good, but overall I don’t think it was sweet enough. There was a slight drizzle of chocolate on top as well which didn’t really go well with it because it tasted too bitter with the maple.

At the end of the day I was pleased with my little bit of sweetness for the day but just as before, I should of stuck to the original cinnamon sugar Beavertail


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