Odds and Ends


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Journey Through Lent- Taken by Karling

Lent. For those of you who don’t know, Lent is the time (46 days to be exact) before Easter where Christians give up something or take on an extra things to do for 40 days for the sake of God and Jesus dying on the cross for us.

This Lent I have decided to say 5 Hail Mary’s a day and maybe more. I’m sure when I start out 5 will seem like a lot to remember but as it goes on I will maybe decide to add on a couple more prayers because I’ll already be praying so I might as well.

I have also decided to only use social media for two hours a day. Now notice I say social media and not my phone because I’m constantly getting texts from my mom or sister or friends throughout the day that I usually can’t ignore. And I read from my phone which I would like to continue to do therefore I must use my phone. But social media i.e. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, I will only use for two hours, may it be one hour in the morning and one at night or whatever I decide. I think by doing this I will remember to do my 5 Hail Mary’s and also to stop and take time to listen to God like my Priest suggested.

By eliminating social media use I think my illness will perceive to get better. Right now in my life I am struggling with an eating disorder and seeing things on social media like other girls bodies and constantly looking at pictures of food certainly isn’t helping me to recover. Being insecure and aware of how others girl’s bodies are different than mine may never go away but by subduing my awareness of it, the thoughts may decrease.

I’m looking forward to my prayer time and quiet time with God. A couple months ago I deactivated my Instagram account and not having the pressure of checking up on everyone and seeing people post was definitely a stress reliever. By also eliminating twitter and other distraction I believe I will become more aware of how these things aren’t that important to check every two seconds and overall, I can begin to really work on my eating disorder and myself in general.




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