Pancake Tuesday



Taken by Tori

Pancake Tuesday is a day I look forward to. Realistically I could have pancakes or crepes or waffles whenever I want but Pancake Tuesday gives us an excuse to eat them for dinner appose to just breakfast or lunch.

For a while now I’ve been wanting to try peanut butter on my pancakes as well as cinnamon sugar. So this morning when my sister started making the pancakes and waffles I got my stuff ready; maple syrup, cinnamon sugar, butter, peanut butter and strawberries. My sister made two waffles, one for each of us, and 4 mini pancakes with chocolate chips in them.

The first half of my pancake I put peanut butter on and I love peanut butter so it was pretty good, maybe not for everyone though.

The second half I tried peanut butter and maple syrup, which was even more amazing, it would be kind of like a peanut butter and honey combination but it was better because I don’t like honey but I love maple syrup. That combination (maple syrup, peanut butter and chocolate chips) was my favourite.

Then I tried a bit of the waffle with peanut butter and maple syrup oddly it wasn’t the same. Maybe it was the missing chocolate chips or the fact the waffle was flatter appose to the fluffy pancake but it just didn’t make the cut. Then I tried maple syrup and a bit of strawberries on my other half of the waffle. It was pretty good, the strawberry and maple syrup make a great combination and the waffles flatness was just right for the strawberry and maple syrup.

Lastly I tried a bit of cinnamon sugar on my pancake. First I tried it without maple syrup and it was ok, it tasted like a cinnamon stick from Little Caesar’s, fluffy and cinnamon sugary. I then added some maple syrup and it made it slightly more appealing.

Overall the peanut butter and maple syrup with a chocolate chip pancake was my favourite combo, and I would highly recommend it if you are a peanut butter fan and have a sweet tooth as big as mine.




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