Boots and Hearts

Boots and Hearts was an interesting experience. When I first got the tickets for Christmas 2015 I was really keen on going with my two best friends. I don’t really like country music all that much and I only know the classics or popular songs if that. As time went on that’s when my eating disorder (unknown at this point) started to get more intense. I stopped drinking alcohol, I didn’t enjoy partying or going out at all really, I ate particular things and worked out a lot.

As summer 2016 drew nearer I became less and less excited to go to Boots and Hearts, I was almost at the point of telling my friends I didn’t want to go and selling my ticket. Not to mention I hate camping, I hate camping with a passion, living in a tent and using out houses is not the life for me. So really, I don’t know what I was thinking, actually, I know what I was thinking, I was thinking Boots and Hearts is a big fun trip that people take and drink and have fun eth their friends. And it should of been like that, maybe if I drank more it would of been. So there I was, with a camp site and a three day pass to Boots and Hearts. A large amount of money out of my mom’s wallet that was misused unfortunately.

So we drive up to Berry and we get there late and we try and set up the tent and we have no idea how. The boys we drove up with have a small trailer so they kind of left us to fend for ourselves and we are stuck at 12 at night trying to set up our only sleeping source for three nights. Never the less we put up the tent, definitely incorrectly, and I went to bed while my two friends went out and explored the first night. The days to come were dry, dirty, hot and boring. During the day, there was nothing to do and we all just hung out in the boys’ small trailer. Let me just say thank God for the boys’ trailer because if we didn’t have that we would have died. I put my cold pasta in their fridge that was supposed to last me the three nights, which wouldn’t of if I didn’t use their fridge. And not to mention our tent was 900 degrees during the day so needless to say the trailer saved us in many ways. It was a lot just a lot of fun being around the drunk boys during the day, it made the days go by quicker. 

The nights were tiring, the concerts weren’t amazing because I didn’t know more than half the songs. Standing there listening to everyone sing the lyrics meanwhile I can barely see because I’m 4’11 was not the most ideal.  I drank two drinks the whole time and never got drunk (my choice). 

But on the flip side one of the most memorable things that will ever happen to me happened on the second night. I was part of a three-man shoulder tower. Basically I was on my friends shoulders which evidently made that night 20x more tolerable, and then he was put on another guys shoulders so I was at the top of a three person shoulder tower. I was smiling so big and having the time of my life up there. Of course, the guy on the bottom was getting crushed so it didn’t last that long but it was amazing and the best part of the weekend. 

The last night Blake Shelton played and we got super close. It was really squishy and I didn’t enjoy that but got on a guy’s shoulder for the songs I really knew and it was amazing. It was just one of those moments where I was really appreciating the music and the company and the love and happiness that was surrounding me. I got to hold a Canadian flag with some girl and sing to some songs that I actually knew and it was great.

Those two moments were the most pleasurable moments of the entire weekend. Like I said before, if I was drinking more then I would of have a much better time I believe. It’s suppose to be a great experience and the few moments I had that were amazing could have happened more if I was drinking more and in a better mind set in my life. 

By the last night was I eager to leave, I didn’t want to sleep one more night there so I offered to not drink (not that I wanted to anyway) and drive home after the concert. We packed up went to the concert, froze our butts off because it was cold and we weren’t in the heart of the crowd keeping warm, and basically waited for the concert to be done so we could leave. It took us at least an hour to actually get out of the camping area and onto the high way but we did it and we were finally on the way home. I drove the whole way, staying awake by reminding myself I would soon be home in my own bed and done with the dirt and people.

I had never been so happy to be home in my own bed in my entire life. I can’t say I will ever do that again unless I take a huge R.V and am living in luxury the entire time, but never the less those two moments at the concerts were two of the most amazing moments of my life. For those moments, I forgot my troubles and all about the dirt and the tent and the drinking that I didn’t want to do, for those moments it was just me and the crowd and the singer and it was amazing.


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