Ontario Science Centre


Family Day 2017 I spent with my dad and sister. We decided to go to the science centre and I was really excited. I wasn’t in the best mood that day because going places where I’m not sure what I can eat for lunch and what not gives me anxiety. Recently I’ve been really into learning about the big animals in the world like lions, elephants, tigers, giraffes and gorillas, mainly the ones that are at the top of the hierarchy. I find it very interesting learning about the differences between how a cheetah hunts versus a tiger and things like who would win in a fight between a giraffe and lion. I also find cool little facts about all animals interesting.

When we got to the Ontario Science Centre we first started on level 1 which was Biomechanics of animals mostly but there was some human information there as well. I found it all very interesting because there were a lot of cool facts that I didn’t know before that don’t seem real but are.

One was that a cheetah is the fastest land animal and only has one foot on the ground when it runs. It’s so interesting learning about that and I find it fascinating how it all works.

Another cool thing that was there was a list of animals that showed the strongest bite. At the top of the list it had an extinct shark showing it to have the strongest bite in the world. I was surprised to learn that a piranha was above a t-rex and the second hardest bite was some type of crocodile.

Something that I found very interesting was that polar bears have black skin to absorb the heat and the white fur is actually a bunch of transparent hallow tubes that reflect light.

There was one part of the exhibit that showed you a thermal image of your body and where all your heat was escaping. When my dad and sister stepped in front of it most of their heat was staying in their body but slightly leaving in their finger tips. When I stepped in front of it my hands were all purple and my nose was purple (purple shows that its cold and yellow showed that you were warm). My hands are always freezing so it made sense and everyone was saying “wow look how cold her hands are”.


I’m in the middle with the purple freezing hands

When we got to the next floor it was all about Space. The most interesting part about that was learning about all the planets. For instance, Mercury goes from -173 degrees Celsius at night to 427 degrees Celsius during the day[1]. Other interesting things were the lengths of days compared to earths. One day on earth is equivalent to 176 days on mercury which is pretty cool. There was a lot of other things as well like how Neptune is made up of hydrogen and helium with a bit of methane. The solar system is so mysterious and exciting it amazed me.

These sorts of facts and fun exhibits are what make me want to pursue a career in these sorts of things. Of course, usually you have to go to university for a number of years which I don’t/can’t do because of the high school courses I took. As well as I kind of just enjoy learning about this stuff as a hobby When it becomes work I’m afraid I won’t enjoy it anymore. But who knows what will happen.

The other floors weren’t so interesting to me and I don’t recall much from them anyway. If you want to know more just go to the Ontario Science Centre yourself, it was quite the experience and I would highly recommend it.

[1] The following information was found on http://space-facts.com



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