This year I went to Mount Tremblant with my sister Maria and her friend Martha with an organization called Campus Vacations. Although I don’t go to Trent University I went along with my sister and Martha because I snowboard a bit and I love the little village and thought it’d be fun. Generally, these sorts of trips are known for students going to getting drunk but because I don’t drink I was more excited about just walking around the village, skating, snowboarding, going to the cool events at night and not drinking but just having some fun.

We packed my dad’s car the night before and Maria drove up while I sat in the back and coloured a little bit, listened to some music and talked to the two front seaters.

When we got there we first had to go to the grocery store and check in, then we got some food and went to our hotel room, which was about a 7 minute drive to the actual Mount Tremblant village. Usually we would have been staying in one of the places in the village but they were all booked up this year so instead we got this entire lodge to ourselves. The room was pretty small but we made it work.

The first night was snow pants or no pants and I wasn’t really in the mood to go out, I was tired and slightly self-conscious but because it was the first night and I had a good outfit prepared and everything I decided to go. It would have been my first time in a bar as well and not illegally because the drinking age is 18 in Quebec. We got ready took some cool pictures listened to music danced in our room and then took the shuttle to the village. The club was called Café d’Époque and it was tiny but a pretty cool place. There were two cages beside the DJ which was up a bit of stairs and then another balcony across and then the dance floor below. We all got the photographer to take a picture of us then went up to the cages to dance. Martha and I took over the cages while Maria danced behind the DJ on a little platform. It was so fun. I had room and wasn’t squished between tall or sweaty people and got to dance all crazy to the awesome remixes that the DJ was making. We were all pretty tired so we left about 12 that night but it was just perfect for me.

The next day I woke up early went to the little “gym” the hotel had and did a quick run and exercise. When I got back, my sister was still sleeping but Martha had already left for the slopes. Maria and I watched Adventure Time when she woke up and had some food and met Martha on the hill around 1 o’clock. It was a beautiful day for skiing. The sun was shining but it was still a bit cloudy and the hill looked lovely. We got to the top and went on this long run that me and my sister had been on before with my dad. It went all along the left side of the hill and had some beautiful spots where you could stop and look at the scenery. I’m not the best snowboarder and hadn’t done it in a while so it was taking me a long time to get anywhere and Martha and Maria had to keep stopping. I felt kind of bad but my toes were freezing as well and I don’t like going to fast so I just kept stopping and sitting. Finally, we made it to the bottom but it was on the other side of the hill and you have to go back up and down to get back to the village which I was not able to do. My toes were absolutely frozen so we took a quick break in this hut and then my sister and I took the chairlift up and the gondola back down while Martha skied down. I was over joyed that I didn’t have to snowboard back down. When we all met up we went to this restaurant and the girls had some beer while we just sat and chatted and exchanged pictures from today. I got a lot of great pictures despite only doing one run and not having that much fun.

That night we had dinner and the girls got ready but I didn’t feel like going out. I danced with them a bit and hung out while they got ready then had a really nice bath. I went to bed while they danced the night away in the village.

The last full day was my favourite. I didn’t want to ski that day but Martha and Maria did. I wanted to skate. So while they skied I went to the village ice rink where they let me use their skates (which they aren’t supposed to do because I wasn’t staying in the village but they made an exception) and skated for a good two hours. It was so fun. I just skated around the trees and listened to the Christmas music they were playing and practiced my crossovers and such. My toes were beginning to get cold so I decided it was time to stop. Then we all met up and went back to the room. We had dinner and started to get ready to go out. I wasn’t too excited about going out that night but I figured it was the last night so I should. We went to the same club that we went to on the first night and danced in the cages again. Except this time, the DJ loved up and bought us drinks (which I didn’t have) and bought my sister a bottle of champagne and everything. I left early while the girls continued to party. I took the shuttle home with a couple other people on it and went to the room and got ready for bed. I reflected on the days and nights and was happy that I got out and did some stuff considering I wanted to stay in the room for most the time.

We left the next morning and Maria was hungover. I was eager to get home and offered to drive while my sister slept for a little bit. So I drove and then about 2 hours in we took a break at Wendy’s but I continued to drive. My first time driving a far distance and we made it home in 5 hours.

Overall it was a good trip. I’m happy I got to experience it because who knows if I’ll do it again.



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