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The “Playing Hard To Get” Muffin


Chocolate chip muffin- Taken by Tori

A march break night with my best friend Karling we found ourselves driving around just like any other night we hang out. Karling drives usually and we just listen to good music and talk and laugh.

This one night it was around 12 and we were hungry. I’d been wanting a chocolate chip muffin from Tim Hortons because I’d never tried one. So we went to a Tim Horton’s and they didn’t have any. Peterborough has like 7 Tim Horton’s though so we just went to the next one and asked…they didn’t have any either.

We started using some logic and thinking about what Tim Horton’s in Peterborough always has a good amount of stuff in there showcase. Then we tried the Chemong Tim Horton, well they were out to! By now we were getting hysterical and starting to go crazy. We tried the Lansdowne Tim Horton’s next because its big and Lansdowne is always busy so we figured they would have one. I ran inside and quickly looked and they didn’t. They did however have the maple dipped donut I’d been wanting to try as well but I thought I’d save that for another night.

We continued our journey hitting close to 5 different Tim Horton’s, even the one out on the 115, we didn’t have a curfew and we didn’t care how far we had to go, we just wanted our muffin. Surprisingly we hadn’t tried the east city Tim Horton’s yet so we made our way there. I didn’t think the east city one would have anything because I didn’t think they were one of the good Tim Horton’s but SURPRISE they had ONE left. We go the last chocolate chip muffin and got it heated with butter.

As we sat in the parking lot ready to take a bite of the delicious looking muffin we couldn’t help but laugh, we had finally got one after all this time. We both took a bite of the muffin and it was glorious. The butter and the salty and the chocolate flavours were amazing and even more amazing considering we had spent an hour searching for one. I just want everyone to know that if you ever get a chocolate chip muffin from Tim Horton’s you should get it heated with butter. You will not regret it.


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