Odds and Ends

Driving Pet Peeve

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B.C- Taken by Tori

I was driving with my mom to work one day this week and we heard something interesting on the radio. They asked a bunch of people what they found to be the most annoying driving habit people do. The top answer was people who don’t use there blinker. Usually I use my blinker. When one ones around I almost never use it but I’m aware of that. I guess what happens to people is they start to not use it when they’re alone and it becomes a habit and they just stop using it all together. I got to say, it is annoying when someone doesn’t use there blinker for turning into a driveway or something because then you’re wondering why there going so slow. Or if someone doesn’t use there blinker at a four way stop that could be dangerous, but I wouldn’t say that’s my biggest pet peeve.

My mom’s answer was people that follow to closely. I found that funny because my pet peeve is people who go really slow, and in result of them going slow I might tend to follow too closely but I don’t usually follow that close because I know it’s dangerous and I just don’t like being that close to someone’s car. I find it funny though because I wouldn’t have to follow close if people drove the speed limit.

In Peterborough we have a lot of retired folks and somehow some of them still have their license.  Most of the situations that I’ve been in, where someone has been stupid and almost hit me, it turns out to be an old person. I don’t want to diss old people though because not all of them are horrible drivers, it just happens to be who that person is and they happen to be older. I could very well get in an accident with a teenager.

 One time my friend and I were in a parking lot and an old man just backed up right into her car while we were waiting for a parking spot. Didn’t even look over his shoulder. I want to get to where I’m going fast and maybe that’s the problem with my generation, we want things fast and instant, but I think expecting people to go 50 at least is reasonable. And it’s funny that some people actually go 30-40 in a 50 zone, it makes me laugh.

A couple other pet peeves of mine and other peoples are drivers who are clearly texting or talking on the phone. Not only does it result in going slower or just not paying attention but it endangers everyone around them not only themselves. Something else that makes me laugh more then get angry is people who are getting mad at you because there in a rush. We all do it but when it happens to us its funny. Someone speeds around you just to be stopped at the same red light, or someone honks at you for not going from 0-60 as soon as the light turns green is pretty funny.

There are so many differences between drivers, young, old, experiences and new. It’s funny how some things set people off and some things don’t.


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