Cuba, Jamaica and Mexico Oh My


2015-03-19 003 002

I’m off to Mexico today, I’m currently sitting in the airport and waiting to board the plane for a 5 hour flight. I’ve never been to Mexico so I’m pretty excited. I’m also pretty anxious though. Situations where I’m not sure what I’m going to eat and what’s going to happen with my diet and exercise tend to make me anxious and irritable. Mexico is supposed to have better food then Cuba which is good because I’ve been to Cuba before and didn’t have an eating disorder when I went so ate whatever but the choices were not good. Wearing a bathing suit is also giving me some problems, even trying them on in the store I was worried about people seeing my arms and legs and belly. I’m hoping things will be ok though because I haven’t been on a trip with just my sister and mom in a while.

I’ve heard great things about this resort. It’s supposed to be five stars and the weather is going to be great. In the past I’ve been to Cuba and Jamaica resorts. My family and I have visited Cuba many times and the beaches are always great. The food as I said is not the best. It’s the classic stuff like buffet style food but a lot of the time the food was kind of unidentifiable. The fruits weren’t amazing either, surprisingly. But back then I ate what I wanted which was crepes for breakfast, pizza for lunch and pasta for dinner. I wouldn’t even think about eating that now. I was really picky when I was younger and stuck to what I knew I like which was basically plain old pasta with butter and parmesan and then pizza with just cheese and crepes and pancakes were always a go to. Of course, right now in my life those foods are on my forbidden list so I’m just hoping Mexico will have better options.

In Jamaica, the jerk chicken was delicious, I had that a lot of the time but also many pizzas. I was still pretty picky at this time and just stuck to the originals. The heat was crazy in Jamaica though and the water wasn’t as nice as Cuba but still good. In Cuba, the beaches just seemed cleaner and purer but in Jamaica there was seaweed and the beach wasn’t as clean. The resort that we went to in Jamaica had cool water slides right in the pool area and me and my friend went on them at least 100 times a day.

The included dinners are always the same, one Japanese restaurant where they cook right in front of you, one Italian restaurant with the basic noodles and such and then one other restaurant depending on where you are. Cuba had a Cuban dinner and Jamaica has a Jamaican one. The Japanese one has always been our favourite in the past but Mexico has a steak house at their resort and I’m pretty excited about that as well as a Mexican one which I’ve never tried.

The resort we’re going to has a gym room as well and I feel like I’ll be going to that or feeling like I should. I wish I could take a vacation not just from my town but from my eating disorder but it’s hard. I thought I’d be ok with going away and I hope I will be but sometimes things spring on me unexpectedly. I’m sure the food will be a lot better than Cuba which I’m happy about but figuring out what to eat and my schedule about things might take up a lot of my time the first two days.

I got a couple of new bathing suits that cover my belly like a black one piece and a two piece blue suit that’s high waisted. I’m really looking forward to taking some artsy pictures but I’m also worried that I’ll get disappointed with how I look in pictures. Nevertheless, I love taking pictures and I will definitely be taking some cool ones.



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