Doctor Strange


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Mysterious- Taken by Tori

I watched Doctor Strange with my dad and sister and really enjoyed it. All Marvel movies that are being made have been great so far and this one was a favourite. It combined intense drama with some light humour as well as very serious and sad moments. The amount of action was good as well. There were several good fight scenes and I must say I like Benedict Cumberbatch as the lead, he does an American accent which I find so funny because his British one is usually so strong in films. In the previous movies, I’ve seen him in I thought he was kind of plain but he did an excellent job in this movie.

When asked by my family what my favourite part was I said (SPOILER ALERT), “the part where he gets in a car crash and loses the feeling and movement of his hands”. My sister thought that was very strange. To explain my reasoning, I should explain a bit of the movie. Benedict Cumberbatch plays a very wealthy, successful neurosurgeon. He’s very cocky and obviously when you’re a neurosurgeon your hands are your most important tool because you must be very steady. Cumberbatch gets into a car crash though and glass cuts his hands and nerves so bad that he has to get pins and lots of surgery on them. When he first wakes up and sees his hands he’s completely distraught. I like this part because it makes me appreciate things. Here is this man whose life revolves around using his hands and just like that it’s taken away from him. It made me feel lucky to have the things I have. Some people wake up one day and don’t remember what happened but they have no legs, or they wake up and can’t talk anymore because they lost their tongue or something. This particular scene where Cumberbatch sees his hands and how they’re destroyed makes me feel sad but I liked it.

On a happier note the movie in general was great. It was definitely more on the serious side but the little jokes that they put in fit perfect.


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