Inside Scoop on The Insiders



I read this series once called The insiders by J. Minter. It’s kind of the typical story of teenage love and drama but I found the story more unique. It switches from person to person each chapter and it’s from the boys point of view. I think I enjoyed it more because it was from a guy’s mind and less cheesy as a girls romance teen book. These 5 guys are all best friends and kind of rebels. They skip school and they go to parties and they’re parents are rich and they ride around in limos and live the high life. They all have different styles about girls.

One guy is in love with his friend’s little sister and they stick pretty strong on and off throughout the series. Another one of the guys moves from girl to girl and is known more as the hot popular one. Then there’s the guy that has a girlfriend that he’s madly in love with but they always fight but fighting like a married couple.

So many different things happen to them that made me sit on the edge of my chair and I really liked reading these sorts of situations from the guys point of view. It kind of gave me some insight on guys and how they act and what they like.

There’s one book out of the series that is written from the girls point of view. The girls are all friends and they all get with the guys at some point so there’s one book about it. I liked it but not as much as the guy’s versions. I’m just so use to reading the girl version of summer romance or just drama and romance in general. Writing this review has reminded me how much I liked this series and I think I’m going to read it again.


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