Jay Peak


Top of the Mountain- Taken by Tori


Jay Peak, Vermont, was an amazing trip. I went with my dad, sister and my aunt and uncle and their kids. It was during the new year and so there was a lot of snow and we planned on snowboarding and skiing. We stayed in a very cool little house and brought lots of our own food and had a cool living room space and everything.

The first time on the mountain was such a wonderful day. My dad, sister and I went to the very top and had some nice hot chocolate and the view was exquisite. It was very cold but worth it. On the way down we went along the back side of the mountain and it wrapped all the way around and down a slow little path, snowboarding down the side of the mountain. There were beautiful trees covered with snow and mountains that the sun was hitting ever so slightly. It wasn’t very steep so I had to keep getting help from my dad who would give me a push to start up again.

At night the fun didn’t end. There was a huge water park indoors with so many water slides and a big man made wave that people were surfing on. We went there at night and I’m not much for water slides but I went around on the lazy river and that was nice. I tried the man-made wave on my stomach with a bogey board but basically went right to the top as soon as I got on.

New Year’s Eve was pretty fun, we played card games and listened to some old my dad’s music which is always great because he has the classics. It was a great trip.

Compared to Mount Tremblant I liked the hill better. The view was just amazing and the riding along the side of the mountain was something I’ll never forget. But as of the actual place I enjoy Mount Tremblant better. The village just makes the whole thing better. The cute little stores and the restaurants right at the bottom of the hill. Plus the skating rink which is so fun.

I would go to both again but I’m not so much into snowboarding anymore so if we were to go to Jay Peak again I think I would try skiing.


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