Prom was one of the best times of my life I will never forget it. I asked my old friend Matt to go with me and it was great. My best friend Merc had pre-prom which was perfect because she has a beautiful big yard and I’m her best friend so I could get there early and we could all get pictures without everyone else and I could go in the house and leave my backpack there and such, which made things better. The actual prom was held at a hockey arena in town and we were getting a buffet style dinner. The most exciting part of prom is usually the pre because everyone gets drunk and gets great pictures and just has fun with no teachers around to bug you.

Finding a dress was hard. I thought I wanted tight, the classic style was sparkly at the top and flowy at the bottom which I didn’t want because I thought that was just to mainstream for me. I didn’t want this two piece style that everyone was getting even though it was popular, I didn’t think it was for me. Shopping around in Toronto with my dad and sister we were looking for a dress. We went into Hudson Bay and there was this pink tight sparkly dress that I thought I’d try on. There some other classic but slightly more unique dresses I grabbed as well. My sister then pointed out this lovely two piece that was white and nude colour. The top was sparkly and had pearls and the bottom was puffy and has layers and looked nice. I didn’t want two piece or puffy so I wasn’t going to try it on but it was so beautiful my sister told me I should just for fun. So I did. I didn’t like the other ones I tried on but when I finally put on the white puffy two piece that my sister suggested, I almost immediately fell in love. My sister agreed that it looks fantastic on me and I just didn’t want to take it off. I tend to make rational decisions but I almost knew for sure this was the one. We continued to go to other places but in the end, I bought the one I least expected to buy.

My sister did my hair and makeup for me, I had my hair in a middle part in a pony which people don’t normally do. Normally girls’ hair is fancy but I wanted to keep it pretty simple. My eye makeup was dark yet subtle. Things were looking great. My date wore all black and had a tie to match the nude colour that the top was. We matched perfectly I couldn’t’ve asked for a better date.

I got to Mercs house early where my other best friend Karling came as well. My sister came out with us and offered to take pictures of us all. She did such a great job, she got so many good ones of me and my friends as well as just me. If your reading this Maria I wanted to thank you again because the pictures were truly the best and I love looking back on them. We had three little rose champagne bottles that my mom bought for us and we got some cute pictures with those as well. My friends didn’t really like the champagne so I mixed it with orange juice and it was delicious. I drank nearly all three and was pretty tipsy. It was a different kind of drunk though. I’m used to cooler drunk and champagne drunk was just a different experience.

When I’d gotten as many pictures as I could possible get with my friends, family and date we all left and went to the actual prom. The buffet was not very good but we laughed about it. Dancing was great and it was hard in my big dress but I managed. They had a cool photo booth as well and Karling, Merc and I got a picture in there. The night was coming to an end but after prom was just around the corner. We left, got changed and the bus took us to the after prom. I didn’t drink at the after prom but I didn’t mind. There was a fire and lots of people and it was a good time but the pre-prom was by far the best part of the night.

I got so many compliments on my dress it was crazy, especially since I didn’t want anything like the dress I got. In the end, it was a good night and I’d love to do it again.


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