McDonalds Hotcakes or Mexico’s Crepes?

On my previous adventures to hot places there have always been crepe stations as an option in the morning. Crepes are one of my favourites and at all the other resorts I’ve been to that was strictly what I had for breakfast. In Mexico, it was a little different. They didn’t have a crepe station like Cuba and Jamaica but they did have pancakes, waffles and French toast in buffet style dishes. Because of my healthy eating diet and what not, I wasn’t going to have any pancakes or French toast, I was going to stick to my peanut butter and whole wheat bread.

One morning I walked into the buffet and it smelt like McDonalds Hot Cakes. I looked around and noticed that the smell was coming from a crepe station. It hadn’t been there before and when I went and looked at the crepes they were looking pretty good. So I decided to have a crepe that morning in Mexico. While I was at it I wanted to try the pancakes and French toast. I had one crepe one pancake and half a piece of French toast and put maple syrup on everything and Nutella on some of my pancake.

As I mentioned before, it already smelt like McDonalds Hot Cakes but it also tasted like them. The crepe was the best out of all three and tasted the most like the Hot Cakes. I was surprised and delighted. The maple syrup tasted like McDonalds maple syrup as well. Now, McDonalds Hot Cakes are called Hot Cakes because they are basically like cake, they’re very sweet and definitely have a white cake vanilla flavour. I don’t know what they were putting in their crepe mix but the crepe combined with the maple syrup tasted a lot like a delicious Hot Cake.

The pancake and Nutella was very good. The pancake was nice and thin and kind of looked like a crumpet with the little holes in the top. The French toast was delicious as well. It almost tasted as if they put some cinnamon in it which really just makes the whole meal better.

Although I felt a little guilty after eating that carb filled breakfast I was happy I did. There’s nothing like pancakes, crepes and French toast in the morning, especially a Mexican morning.


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