Spidey Girl Travels to Mehico…or Mexico for you Canadians

So I got to Mexico with my mom and sister at 9:30 their time. It was very humid. We walked around and checked stuff out. The general dinner buffet was still open so we had a quick bite to eat. I tried their white fish and carrots and broccoli which was good. The carrots and broccoli were cooked with garlic and they were delicious. I basically lived off carrots for the week.

When we woke up the next morning it was cloudy and windy but the rest of the days were great. It was good that it was a bit cloudy because it gave us more energy to actually walk around more and check stuff out. I took many pictures and wore my new black one piece that I got just for the trip.

For breakfast, I found their peanut butter (which was pretty normal) and a bin of different loafs of bread you could slice yourself. There was this cool loaf that was whole wheat and had some seeds on top but it was at the end of the loaf. I asked if they had another one and this guy brought out a fresh one and it was perfect.

As the days went on we became more comfortable with the food and our routine. We went to the beach for the first few days then to the adult pool for a couple days and finished it off at the kids’ pool. At the adult pool, they were very pushy. The staff were really pushing the activities and trying to get you off your chair in the water or just doing something, which I found kind of annoying. I wanted to relax and not be harassed into the pool to play water polo. That’s why we went to the kids pool which was better because the staff aren’t over there bugging you, it’s just the kids in the pool that would maybe get annoying. I really enjoy the ocean. I think it just so wonderful and full of mysterious things, and swimming in the waves is very calming so to say the least the ocean and beach was my favourite.

The ale carts were not as great as Cuba’s. The Asian one didn’t do the food right in front of your face like in Cuba and other places, it was just a buffet of some sushi and Asian type food. The Italian one wasn’t all that amazing either. I got salmon with some tomato sauce and the sides that it came with were some green spinach and potato wedges. The salmon was good but the sides were nothing special. Every night after our ale carts we went to the general buffet and got some regular food. The steak house which we were very excited about was good. I had BBQ spare ribs and they were very good, they were so tender I was shocked and it came with a little corn on the cob and some spinach and potato wedges which were just ok. The corn I thought was really good though. My sister and mom got top sirloin and rib eye and they said it wasn’t cooked to their liking. I tried a piece and it was tender but could have been better. They weren’t too pleased but my ribs were amazing. We decided to try the steak house one last time before we left and we are very glad we did. It was so much better the second time. My sister and mom got steaks again and they were cooked perfectly. The corn and spinach was much better and I got chicken which was ok, just regularly seasoned but still good.

About two days into the trip I decided to check out the gym they had. It was a good room with two treadmills, some weights, two elliptical, and some other machines. It got pretty busy at some points. I’m glad I got in some runs and exercise there because I wasn’t eating the best in my opinion. There wasn’t much to have at lunch and I ended up having a lot of meat because they had a lot. So I’m glad that they had a gym. It felt good to go in the morning after breakfast and then go to the pool or beach.

The sunsets were gorgeous and our room view was amazing. The whole resort was great, it was very beautiful. It had a fountain in the middle and lot of palm trees. It was called Riu Jalisco. On the last day, I went for a walk along the ocean like I did every other day but this one was different. When I went in the water at the end I just stared out at the ocean and closed my eyes and let the waves rock me. It was very peaceful and I was really grateful in this moment. I thanked god and just kept staring out at the horizon amazed at how beautiful it was and how wonderful the ocean is. I wish that I did that every day I was there but I never really thought about it.

The weather got pretty windy as the days went on but it was ok because it was hot and the wind would cool us down, but I hate the wind so it was pretty annoying sometimes.

During the time at the beach or by the pool I read this book my mom picked up for me at the library. It is called Living Without Ed and it was a great book. This woman called her eating disorder Ed and goes through the steps on how to “break up” with Ed and some of the techniques were really helpful while I was there.

There was this massage booth right before all the chairs on the beach and it looked so relaxing. You could hear the waves perfectly and it wasn’t directly in the sun so you wouldn’t have got too hot. I was craving a massage. I hadn’t had a good massage in a while and I don’t usually like them because people go to hard, but, I decided to get one. It was amazing. She was gently and it was full body and my legs and arms felt great. 50 minutes wasn’t long enough. Listening to the waves and the wind was just the cherry on top.

One night there was a good show that was Michael Jackson themed. A guy dressed up as him and looked quite a bit like him but his moves were what made the show amazing. His moon walk and every other dance move he did was so great I am still shocked at how he isn’t more famous. He glided across the stage. The other shows weren’t as good. The live music was great though and dancing was a lot of fun some nights. They had these cool looking blue drinks sitting out this night to. They had pink sugar on the rim and they look good. I grabbed one and tried it and It tasted like blue freezy. I didn’t taste alcohol if there was any in it but it was good. Gave me a nice sugar kick.

This resort was by far one of the best we have ever been to. The food in general was much better then Cuba and Jamaica just because it was closer to normal food like American food. Although we were on the pacific side of the ocean the water was still beautiful. The sand is darker and that made the water not look as turquoise as Cuba but nevertheless it was beautiful. The staff were great and fun and they didn’t look mad or tired like some of the staff in other places, which was good despite there persistent effort to try and get you to do things. It was a little different this time because in the past my mom and sister and I have gone with my mom’s boyfriend and his kids or our grandparents but this time it was just us three and it was nice spending some time together. I would love to go back to Mexico, it was such a great trip.



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