The Dessert Side of Mexico


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Oreo Cheesecake Mexico- Taken by Tori

Ahh, cheesecake, one of my many weaknesses. When I arrived in Mexico I did not expect to find cheesecake. Alas, one night at the dessert buffet table they had these mini cheesecakes. Not just ordinary cheesecake though, Oreo cheesecake. Recently I’ve been more attracted to the cookie and crème/Oreo flavour and so I was pretty interested in this cheesecake. I decided to try it and it was good.

The actual cheese flavour of the cheesecake was more on the tangy side but not too much that it tasted sour or anything. There was half an Oreo on top with some whipped crème as well as Oreo pieces in the cheesecake. The first bite was good but the second was better because I got to the middle where they put a mini Oreo.

I was really impressed that they had such cool desserts at the buffet. One night after dinner we checked out the table and they had a two chocolate mousse and red velvet cake also carrot cake and brownies and such.

The chocolate mousse was delicious and so light. There was a heavier chocolate in the middle and the combo of the light whipped crème and light chocolate with the little heavy was great. The red velvet cake had actual cream cheese icing as well as the carrot cake. The red velvet cake surprisingly tasted like red velvet which I didn’t think it would. It is tied for second place with the carrot cake. The carrot cake had a nice ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg taste and wasn’t too heavy with the carrot which I like. I also tried a sweet potato pie, it tasted exactly like pumpkin pie but was with sweet potato instead.

In the end, I think my favorite dessert in Mexico was the chocolate mousse. It’s weird because I’m not usually a chocolate mousse person but it was delicious. I’d go back just for the desserts but also for many other reasons.


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