Brie Say Cheese

Brie Cheese- Taken by Tori

For Christmas a couple years ago my sister got my grandparents this Brie Maker that came with a topping that was cinnamon sugar and almonds. It sounded delicious we were all very excited to try it.

This was back when I use to eat cheese. We went over there one night and my grandmother was cooking the brie up for an appetizer. She had crackers and an ace bread baguette all ready to go. It came out of the oven sizzling a little bit and slightly caramelized. I took the knife and put some of the cheese, cinnamon sugar and almonds on my piece of ace bread and put it in my mouth. It was glorious. I love the cinnamon sugar seasoning on anything, donuts, beavertails, crepes, churros and many other things so I already knew I was going to like it. But I ended up loving it. The slight crunch from the sliced almonds was perfect with the gooey cheese.

Another year my sister got a different seasoning for the brie. It was a cranberry pistachio one and I don’t like cranberries so I didn’t try it. But I will never forget the cinnamon sugar almond one. It was great and I love smelling it every time my grandma makes it.


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