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Two Towers (Book V.S Movie)

Reminds me of Orthanc- Taken By Tori

Reminded me of Orthanc- Taken by Tori (Mount Tremblant)

I just finished Two Towers by J. R.R Tolkien and I must say I liked it better than the first one. It was split so the first part of the book is Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli’s story and the second part is Frodo and Sam’s journey. The movie was very similar to the book, more similar then the Fellowship of the Rings but there were definitely some differences that I found strange that they changed.

One of the major differences was the big scene in the movie with the Wargs attacking king Théoden and everyone while there on their way to Helms Deep. This is the scene where Aragorn falls over the cliff and everyone thinks he’s dead, it is not in the book at all. I can’t say I really miss that scene anyway especially because in the movie, Legolas gets onto a horse by swinging backwards and then they all start fighting. The Legolas swing was just so unrealistic its funny. But Aragorn falling off the cliff just didn’t seem significant to me especially because he comes by and he’s completely fine after one day. I also find it weird that the woman and children aren’t told to go to Helms Deep in the book they are told to go to Dun Harrow. Because of this, the small conversation that Eowyn and Aragorn have about his age doesn’t happen in the book as well. this scene in the movie makes it more interesting and cool to learn about Aragorn’s age so I kind of miss this scene how it’s not in the book. as well as that little scene with the woman who lets her children go on the horse because the village is being attacked doesn’t exist but that is a stupid scene. It just shows that orcs are coming closer to attacking them and taking over.

Once the battle at Helms deep is happening the Elves show up in the movie and fight with King Théoden but in the book the elf’s never show up, they were busy fighting Orcs in Lothlórien. I liked how the Elves came to the rescue in the movie but I understand that Tolkien was trying to get rid of the Elves in the third age and that them showing up doesn’t really show that as much so I respect that.

When Gandalf and company are talking to Saruman in the movie, Saruman gets stabbed and falls off the tower but in the book Saruman goes back into his tower after their discussion and Gandalf leaves him to the trees. I finished the book and it said nothing about Saruman dying so I wonder how it happens and why they decided to change it in the movie. Also, king Théoden’s son died 5 days before he does in the movie and he is already buried when Gandalf and Aragorn get to Edoras, this isn’t really important to me that much.

Now onto the Frodo and Sam part of the story. Let’s start with Faramir. when Frodo and Sam first meet Faramir and his companions its actually Sam who has the little speech inside his head about the man dying and weather he was really evil at heart. Faramir also isn’t tempted by the ring in the book like he is in the movie. He decided to let Frodo and Sam go and doesn’t want to hand the ring over to his father at all in the book. my sister and I agreed that we kind of liked this part in the movie. It was nice to see Faramir change his mind and help Frodo and Sam. As well as Faramir doesn’t take Frodo and same to Osgiliath and Frodo doesn’t almost put the ring on in front of a Nazgul rider. Sam’s big speech about how there is hope left in the world doesn’t happen in the Two towers either. I really like that speech but maybe it shows up in the third book.

After this the movie ends with Sméagol having an evil conversation with his alter ego Gollum about the spider cave. I read that the reason they took this out is because if they didn’t then same and Frodo wouldn’t have had a long enough journey in the third movie. Even I’ve seen the third movie so I know the differences between the scenes already. One is that Sam doesn’t go back down the mountain after Sméagol blames him for stealing the food. This scene where Frodo tells Sam to go home is really touching and I think it adds to the drama and emotion of the movie. I think it should have been in the book. once they get to the cave Frodo and Sam go into the cave together and Sméagol has already left them because Frodo let him go. They fight the spider together and from then on, the scene is basically the same. The book ends with Sam finding out Frodo is alive.

I like Frodo and Sam’s half of the story more because it was pretty accurate compared to the movie and I could visual it a bit more. It was also just a bit more exciting them the first part. Overall, like I said at the beginning, I liked Two Towers more than the Fellowship of the Rings.






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