A Late, Great Night

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Wallis Street- Taken by Karling

Like other late nights with one of my best friends Karling, we were driving around just talking and laughing like we use to. When we got back to her house we hung out for a little bit longer, but I didn’t want to sit down because we’d been driving and sitting for the past hour. Usually Karling and I get stuck in the driveway talking instead of going inside or something so we were standing in the driveway and it was late and I slowly made my way to the road.

When I was younger me and my friends use to walk places just for something to do because we couldn’t drive. I enjoyed walking late at night in the summer because it wasn’t hot and there was a nice breeze and it was just fun to walk on the street without cars whizzing by and just being reckless. It sounds dangerous but it wasn’t.

So, when Karling and I were standing in her driveway I started to play a song and I wanted to dance to it. A lot of times when I play a song Karling and I just stop and start dancing to it and don’t talk for the whole song until it’s over and we just dance. That’s what we did. I walked to the road and started dancing, and Karling followed me and we danced all funny to this song. We walked up and down the lines and all the way to the lights in the middle and then just kept playing music and dancing. Then I started doing handstands and cartwheels. Her road isn’t too busy especially at night so we were having a blast just dancing and walking up and down.

It was just one of those night where I was happy and having a good time and there was no pressure from anything because in that moment we were just dancing and having fun and enjoying life. we did this a couple other times but it was never the same as the first.




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