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Fresh Toffee Cookies at Sobeys- Taken by Tori

Cookies have more recently been one of my favourite dessert treats. Since working at Sobeys in the bakery I’ve gotten to try things there and I must say their cookies are pretty good. They have a kids cookie jar where kids can have free cookies and most the staff abuse this to and take some. Usually the jar is filled with our mini toffee cookies because they’re sweet and every kid loves anything super sweet. They’re easily addictive and every time I worked I would have one. You can tell when they made them that day and put them in the jar because the toffee looks shiny instead of kind of dry looking.

One day I was at Starbucks and saw that they had a toffee cookie called the Toffeedoodle. It was big and looked like it had specks of cinnamon in it or something so I got it. They asked if I wanted it heated, which made it even more appealing because the toffee cookies at work that came fresh out of the oven warm and soft were the best, so I pictured it kind of like that. When I sat down and took a bite I remember it melting in my mouth. It was so chewy and fresh and I was right, there was a hint of cinnamon in it. The toffee cookie at Sobeys wasn’t as homemade tasting as the Toffeedoodle.

Compared to the toffee cookies at work I couldn’t figure out which one I liked better. They were both so different despite being the same flavour of cookie. The shape of the Toffeedoodle and how it is a bigger cookie effects its taste oppose to the small toffee cookie at Sobeys. The cinnamon in the Toffeedoodle added a nice mixture with the toffee but then again, the plain toffee at Sobeys was just simply yet sweet and delicious. Either way, next time you go to Sobeys ask for a kids cookie, and next time you go to Starbucks ask for the Toffeedoodle heated, because they’re both excellent.


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