Beauty and the Beast 2017

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My Grandma’s Special Plates- Reminded me of the beautiful plates in the movie- Taken by Tori

I went to see the new Beauty and the Beast. I wasn’t too excited to see it because I just saw the original not long ago and if you read my blog about that you’ll maybe see why I wasn’t that thrilled. But, nevertheless, it was Emma Watson and the commercials looked good so I went and saw it.

Now I haven’t don’t that much research but from what I’ve heard Emma Watson does in fact sing. The opening number called Belle was very good and I actually bought that song because its jumpy and has a feel good tune to it. Watson’s singing was good, I’m not sure if it wasn’t all her but she sounded pretty average and that makes sense for someone who’s never had a singing role before. Her acting in the first scene and a bit throughout the movie was a little stiff I thought. I don’t know if this is her natural acting style but I love her in Harry Potter and Perks of being a Wallflower but her role in this movie didn’t seem to fit her perfectly. I think she is beautiful and that part of Belle was good, her innocents towards the beast and caring nature was suited rightly but her actual acting style in some parts were kind of awkward. I thought in some ways she wasn’t fully acting like Belle and she was trying too hard to be her.

The Gaston character played by Luke Evans was great. His singing voice was surprisingly amazing and he just played the character Gaston very well. He had the deep voice and commanding tone. He also does a great job in The Hobbit movie. The Beast and other characters in the castle like the candle stick and clock were played amazingly. I thought the graphics of those characters was outstanding. In the Be Our Guest number the live action and computer animation was exquisite. The colours were beautiful and it was baffling how real it looked. The castle itself and the ballroom scene were also just shockingly incredible. It almost brought tears to my eyes at some points because the imagery was beautiful. For this reason alone, I would see the movie again.

Overall, I enjoyed the songs and plot but it was average for me. Like in the first Disney’s Beauty and the Beast the verbal abusive that the Beast shows was pretty strong but in the 2017 version it isn’t as present. He still says that one line, “If she doesn’t eat with me she doesn’t eat at all” but the context of it was made slightly better so that it was Belle’s idea to not eat because she was going to escape and didn’t want to eat with a mean monster anyway whereas in the first one was all innocent and being stubborn and had a sort of “playing hard to get” tone.

Like I said before I would see the movie again because the graphics and songs were amazing and fun.


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