Beavertails Take Three

Score Cream Cheese BeaverTail-Taken by Tori

Skor Cheesecake Beavertail- Taken (but not eaten) by Tori

While in Mount Tremblant for SnowJam with my sister, and her/my friend Martha, we were walking in the village and they wanted a beavertail. I didn’t get one surprisingly. I should of, but I didn’t. My sister wanted to try the Skor Cheesecake one. Sounds pretty sweet. Although I didn’t have the whole thing, I did take a bite of it.

Since having that one beavertail with all the Reese and chocolate I was a little worried it was going to be too sweet like that one. But my taste buds have grown up and can take sweeter things now. I think the balance of the cheesecake and Skor was good oppose to the Reese’s one that was straight up chocolate and more chocolate. When I took a bite, I was pleased with the crunchy toffee Skor and that little salty but sweet cream cheese was delicious. There were good size Skor chunks and the Cheesecake wasn’t to heavy, it was more of a whipped layer. There was also a slight drizzle of caramel on top which added a nice little moistness to the dry Skor. The actual Beavertail was plain which is normal so it was good as usual.

My sister loves Skor so she enjoyed it but she isn’t much for sweets like I am. Overall, she thought it was just ok. I think if I were to rank them I would say the original is still my favourite, then it would be the Skor one even though I didn’t have more than one bite it was better then the Reese’s. Sometimes I think I would like the Reese’s more now than I did at the time but who can tell. The maple one wasn’t that good so it’s at the bottom of the list. But if you’re about to get a Beavertail and feel like trying something new I would suggest the Skor Cheesecake one.


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