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Mixed Up Madoi


Food and more food

Lots and Lots of Food- Taken by Tori

The other night my friend Karling and I went to get food at an all you can eat sushi place called Madoi. They have an all you can eat selection for $20 or you can just order off the menu. We decided to order off the menu. Previously I’d been here with my sister and gotten the Jap Chae with veggies, which is glass noodles with a sesame oil sauce, they’re very good. The noodles are kind of gooey and they slide down your throat but not in a disgusting way and the taste is subtle but salty and appetizing. This time I wanted to get the chicken teriyaki with a green salad so I ordered that and Karling got the Jap Chae and 6 rolls of cucumber avocado sushi.

While we’re waiting for the food we had some nice discussions about school and life and we just caught up. Karlings’ noodle dish then came out and it was huge. I started laughing because the one I ordered before wasn’t that big and she still had 6 rolls of sushi coming. She started laughing to because it was a massive bowl of noodles. Then the server came back and put another bowl of noodles down in front of her, they were Udon noodles which are thicker, but we didn’t order them. Karling starts laughing again because now there’s two huge bowls of noodles in front of her. I joke and say, “When the noodle dish is so big they have to put it in two bowls and tori pulls a fast one on you”, Karling laughed at that.

The Udon noodles I’ve had before and I didn’t like as much. They are very starchy and thick and don’t hold the flavour as well because they’re such a dense noodle. I prefer the glass noodles to them because they’re lighter and don’t have such a noodle taste.


Udon- Taken by Tori

So the server came back and took the Udon and apologized. Then another girl came over and put down what Karling thought was her 6 rolls of cucumber. Now, she doesn’t like sea food or fish eggs or anything like that, she likes the classic vegetable sushi as do I. So when the server put down 6 rolls of crab, avocado and fish eggs, Karling was like oh no this is definitely not mine, we started laughing even harder because we kept getting so much food that wasn’t ours. The server took back the sushi and apologized, my chicken then came out and we started eating. As we’re eating we’re laughing at how many noodles there are in Karlings bowl and how much chicken I got. The portions were generous.

Karling really liked the noodles. They are made from sweet potato and they are a very good dish so I’m glad I got her to try it and she liked it. My chicken was a little different than other chicken teriyakis I’ve had. I believe it was dark meat and it wasn’t as tender as I would have liked but it was still pretty good. It came on a bed of broccoli and onion and shredded carrots which was nice with the teriyaki sauce.

Just as we’re in the middle of eating the server comes over and brings us two miso soups, we’re thinking to ourselves, “Oh my gosh why do they keep giving us so much food”, the server said, “This is just a treat on us, we apologize for the mix up”, it was very nice of them to do but both Karling and I hate Miso Soup. We just left the soup which we felt bad about because they gave it to us for free but we were already so full and we also don’t like the soup. Then the server comes back over and give us two dumplings of something! She says, “Here’s another little thing on us”, we’re crying laughing because we already have so much food and we also hate dumplings.

In the end, the whole experience was so funny and it reminded me of the old times with Karling, where crazy things would happen to us and we would laugh so hard. It was a great dinner and I really enjoyed laughing genuinely because I haven’t done that in a while. I highly recommend the Jap Chae at Madoi and everything else as well. The sushi is delicious.


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