My First Spidey Girl

It was a beautiful day in Golden. My mom sister and I were at our cottage in Kelowna, B.C for two weeks in the summer and took a detour to a town called Golden for three days. When we got there, I was a little hyper because I’d been sitting in the car for so long and wanted to run around. We went for a walk around the town and it was a very cute little town.

While walking back to our hotel along a path by the river I felt the urge to jump. I started swinging my leg around and jumping in the air. Then I started pretended there were spider webs coming out of my hands and going ‘Psst, Psst” and acting as if I was Spider Man. My jump was resembling Spider Mans position while in the air and I was having such a fun time swinging my leg around then going into this position. I started singing, “Spidey Girl, Spidey Girl, does whatever a Spidey Girl does”, my mom and sister were laughing at me and I was just jumping around.

My sister took a picture of me doing the jump with the nice water in the background. I then processed to do jumps from benches and push off rocks with my one foot and jump all around. It was a really fun time. I came up with the idea to start taking these Spidey Girl pictures wherever I travel. Sometimes I forgot but other times I got some really cool pictures doing the jump off of things or just from the ground. In my Mexico blog, there is a picture of me doing one from the beach and that one was my highest jump I’ve done so far.

The next day we were going to some lake by a mountain called Emerald Lake. I was still full of energy and so when we got there and started walking along the water, I was running up and up and jumping off trees. Then I got a really good shot of my Spidey Girl jump by the water. It was kind of a cold day and not to sunny but I still had a lot of fun. The lake was beautiful emerald green colour and the mountains looked fake. This was just one highlight from the trip.

At the end of our three day journey we headed back to the cottage and did some more cottage things, but that’s another story.


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