First Time for Everything

My First English Muffin with Peanut Butter- Taken by Tori

I was surprised. So were other people. I had this strong love for peanut butter and put it on everything I could. But somehow, I had never tried it on an English muffin, one of the best ways to try it according to other people. I had heard that the way it melts in the holes of the muffin was amazing and it got really creamy and good.

So, one morning I decided to try it. I made sure it hit every little hole in the muffin and the ratio between dough and peanut butter was even and then made a tea, sat down and had it. People were right, it was incredible. For some reason the peanut butter got extra creamy and stuck to the top of my mouth more. It also was nice because it is a different taste from toast, its airier but still thick.

One day my dad picked up whole wheat English muffins and id been wanting to try these ones to. I tried one with butter and one with peanut butter. it was different because the actual wheat flavour comes out in the muffin and instead of there just being a dough and peanut butter flavour its two flavours that are unalike. The one side that had butter on it was better because it was simpler and the melted butter matched the whole wheat. but the plain English muffin wins in the likeness between the two.

I must say I enjoy my 9-grain toast with peanut butter better though.


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