Glamorous Gilmour Girls

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The Family- Taken by Tori

In honour of the new Gilmour Girls episodes coming out recently I’m going to write about the lovely show that me and my sister so dearly love.

We first started walking Gilmour Girls close to 6 years ago, we’ve since watched it close to two more times and we’re currently in the process of watching it again. I personally don’t like the first 3 seasons that much for a few reasons. One reason is Dean, I don’t like Deans character, I find him annoying and totally wrong for the main character Rhory. Another reason being, Rhory is too young so her and Lorelai aren’t at that stage where they are grown up and sharing more info with each other and acting more like best friends, its more childish things which is still fun but I prefer the later episodes where Rhory is grown up and more exciting things are happening to her and her mom and everyone.

The last reason why I like the later episodes more is because of Logan, yes Logan, the amazing perfect boyfriend of Rhory. The end of season 5 and beginning of season 6 are great because Luke and Lorelai get together finally and Logan and Rhory connect and they’re so cute and Logan is just so amazing. He is the classic perfect boyfriend, someone who everyone wants and he’s rich and handsome and smooth talking and nobody can get him to settle down but then Rhory comes along. It’s one of those “exception not the rule” situations. It makes me feel a certain way watching Rhory and Logan together. I can’t describe the feeling but it’s weird, when I see Logan do something cute or just them together and how cute it is, I really want that and it makes me almost jealous or something. On the other hand, there’s Luke and Lorelai’s relationship which I don’t like as much. I don’t know why but they aren’t as flowy as Logan and Rhory, sometimes I just see them as being too awkward.

I think the show is really funny and I also enjoy the funny conversations that everyone has and the jokes are so unique. I don’t understand half of them because I haven’t watch the old movies or know the old celebrities that they make jokes about but there still funny and I like them. The relationship that Lorelai has with her parents is kind of damaged but at the same time its strong and that’s a good part of the show.

In a lot of ways, I wish I was like Lorelei and Rhory. In one way, I am kind of like them, my sister and I are really close like them although my sister isn’t my mother but our relationship is like mother daughter. We have a lot of great jokes and fun times like Rhory and her mom. Not only that but our grandparents are a lot like Richard and Emily in the show. The whole relationship that they have is very similar to my grandparents on my Moms side.

I didn’t like the new episodes that much. At times they seemed like they were stretching too much to be like the old ones. it makes sense, people are older and things are different so they did a pretty good job considering all the things that have changed. I was just expecting some things to be better. I’m really glad Rhory and Logan were still in contact. I didn’t however like the whole Lorelai Wild thing. There was also some scenes that really dragged on, they were longer episodes but I thought they could of spent more time on exciting things other than some boring scene with the town people.

I’m really excited to see the new episodes, if they really are making more. They should, considering the way they ended things.



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