Just some Jokes


Runnin’ through the 6ix


Back in Grade 12 in English class my friend Mercedes and I were in the same class and we were going to Toronto with some other English classes to go see Macbeth. I really enjoyed Shakespeare in school so I was pretty excited but not only because of that. Going to Toronto with your friends and class in Grade 12 was exciting because we weren’t young anymore and we could go around by ourselves for a bit after the play. Zoey was a girl in another one of the English classes that we knew and were friends with so she, Mercedes and I went to get lunch together after the play. It was a nice part of Toronto we were in. The nicer side of North York. We walked down the street and saw a Wendy’s so we went in there.

The play was an adaptation of Macbeth and was more modernized so it was a little weird but otherwise good. It was a beautiful day, sunny but still a little cold, that kind of weather I like because you can wear a jacket and be comfortable in the sun. We were having a great time so far, laughing and running down the sidewalks and such.

When we got to Wendy’s it was busy, lots of other students were there and the regular people as well. we found a table and I sat there while they got their food. When they got back we started talking and laughing about funny things we’ve done. I brought up this Friends episode where joey goes into the coffee house and screams “Mike” and some random guy answers. Zoey started calling out Mike and we were laughing our asses off.  We would yell “Mike” and people would look and we’d wave out the window to make it seem like we were looking for someone. It was hilarious in the moment. I tried it once, yelling “jack” and waving to no one but I wasn’t as loud as Zoey, she was a little more ballsy.

After we ate we still had some time so we walked around. I wanted to record a video of us “running through the 6” as Drake says. I was going to play that song while we actually ran down the sidewalk. So we did that and it was hilarious. We then processed to put music on and whip and nae nae around. It was a really fun time. It made me like Toronto even more then I already did and I got to see North York in a different way that I hadn’t seen before.


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