T’was a Sugary Day

Processed with VSCOcam with 6 preset

Sugar Cookie Donut- Taken by Tori

There was a phase about a year ago where I would try many of the different donuts that Tim Horton’s has. One day I tried the Sugar Cookie Donut filled with Icing. It sounds like a sugar overload as I’m typing it. I can almost taste the filling again because it left such a distinct sweet taste in my mouth.

It was a plain donut that had icing on top of it with crumbles of sugar cookie and blue sprinkles. Then the inside was filled with an icing of sorts. It wasn’t a heavy creamy icing it was more like and liquidity. The first bite was good. The crumble on top was delicate and then the icing was a nice glaze to go with the plain donut. I hadn’t hit the middle filling yet but the next bite further in I did. I must say it was filled to a generous amount. I personally had to squeeze some out because there was too much. I don’t know if they were trying to make the dough to icing ratio equal but in this donut, it wasn’t equal and I like more dough then icing.

I couldn’t finish it because it was so rich but it was good. Not one of my favourites but it was more of a different “gourmet” donut which is what I think Tim Hortons was going for oppose to their regular dipped ones.


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