Cob’s Bakery


This summer I went to Kelowna, BC where my cottage and some of my family lives. My grandparents, mom, sister and I all stayed in our lovely cottage by the water for two weeks. We used to go up every 3-4 years but it’d been about 5 years since we’d gone so I was so excited. The second day my grandparents went into town and got some food and there is this bakery that my grandpa stopped by called Cobs. It’s a really good bakery and him and my grandmother both love it there. They have fresh bread and buns but also sweets. When my they got back they had bought some amazing looking cinnamon buns and cinnamon scones as well as blueberry scones but I don’t like blueberry’s so I didn’t have those ones.

The cinnamon scones looked so good. They had a fresh, moist look to them, not to dry, and a cinnamon and sugar coating on the outside. You could also see the cinnamon on the inside of it. The cinnamon buns looked like fresh homemade cinnamon buns. Glazed perfectly not with icing but with a shiny coating of some sort.

The next morning, I tried my cinnamon scone because I wanted to try it while it was still fresh. I cut it in half, put some butter on it and put it in the microwave. I still remember the texture and taste it had. As soon as it hit my mouth it melted. It was like I chewed it a few times and then it was mushy and soft. The cinnamon and the melted butter were a subtle but great combination. I am not too big on cinnamon buns, for some reason the cinnamon or icing starts to make my noise sting, which is really weird but its just what happens. But I had a small bite and it was very good. It was light and fluffy and when you pulled it apart it actually looked homemade and soft. I think some icing would have been great on it.

When we were leaving, we had to go into town and we wanted to stop at Cobs and see what other treats they had. I looked online and they had a bunch of cool things written online but I wasn’t sure if they’d have everything at this location. They had a birthday cake scone, a double chocolate scone, banana chocolate chip scone, a gingerbread white chocolate bun, some amazing sounding multigrain breads, something they called a fun bun with cream cheese icing and so much more. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the fun buns at the location we went to (which is what I was going to get) but they had the double chocolate scone and my sister got that. It was chocolatey but that makes sense. It tasted more like a dense brownie.

Recently I found out they have a Cobs Bakery in Toronto, so I look forward to going there and getting the fun bun of my choice.


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