Odds and Ends

Kylie Jenner LipKit


Taken by Tori

If I had to choose one makeup accessory to use for the rest my life and I could only use that one, I would choose lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner and any other lip related product. Lipstick is one of my favourite things to wear. I think it brings everything together and makes everyone looked so much more mature and fancy and mysterious. When kylie Jenner first came out with her LipKits I was super excited. I loved everything Kylie Jenner and her colours were really cool and not to mention they were Matte which is a very trendy style right now. I wanted a LipKit and me being me I wanted the ones that Kylie wore in her selfies so I could try and recreate her selfies (that’s just something I did). One of her selfies was really beautiful, her long hair was over her shoulder and she was wearing the bright red LipKits that was recently added to her collection Mary Jo K.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 10.55.27 AM

One of my best friends Karling knew how much I loved Kylie and aspired to be like her, so for my birthday she got me Mary Jo K LipKit. I was ecstatic and immediately tried it on when she gave it to me. Karling got one to, it was the more nude pinkish coloured one called Dolce K I believe and it was really nice on her. When I tried on Mary Jo K, I first did the liner. It was bold and so precise. Then I put the lipstick on. It goes on like a smooth liquid type texture but when it dry’s its matte and doesn’t easily just rub off like other lipsticks. It looked so perfect and was a very bold but amazing colour. Something I found strange about it was that it really didn’t move. There was a define line on the inside of my lip from where I stopped putting it. If I were to put my bottom lip out with it on you would see my natural colour of lip and then a line from where I put the lipstick. It was interesting. I really liked how it didn’t smudge and it lasted a really long time on the lips. Even eating and drinking wasn’t really a problem. To actually take it off I would have to use makeup remover which is good because I don’t want to have to keep applying lipstick like I usually do.

Kylie Jenner has come out with glosses and eye shadow and many other things since then. I’ve wanted a lot of her other glosses that she has. One in particular that I wanted was another one that she wore in one of her selfies that just looked so natural and gorgeous. It was Brown Sugar and with the shirt that Kylie was wearing and her dark hair I really loved the look.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 10.52.09 AM

There are so many other great colours that she has that I’ve wanted to get but sometimes I forget that she has a different skin tone and hair colour and facial features and what looks good on her maybe won’t look good on me.


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