Throwing my Natural Instincts Off a Cliff

The jump

One of the most thrilling experiences of my life was jumping off a rock in the summer of 2016 with one of my best friend Mercedes. It started out with me driving to her house and then her family and I walked to the dock where they keep their boat and we drove around on the water.

We first went to a little town and had some lunch at a restaurant right on the water. After that we drove the boat to some cliff. Apparently, Mercedes and her siblings use to go here all the time and jump off the rock and swim around in this little area. I’d never really jumped off anything that high into the water but I wanted to do it. It was excited. Every time I jumped would let out a little scream and I didn’t even mean to. It’s so weird when you’re in the air and your about to hit the water and it’s like time doesn’t exist. It all happens so quickly. I don’t recall how many times I did it but each time it was a different feeling. The first time was exciting and scary, the second time you knew what to expect but you got a nervous feeling still, as you continued to do it you didn’t get scared anymore but the hesitation right before running and jumping was still there because your about to jump off a cliff, even though there’s water below it’s such a weird feeling to just run off a cliff. All my natural instincts to not “jump to my death” are there but for some reason I can find the courage or whatever it may be, to jump off.

There is a huge bridge close to Mercedes house that she has jumped off and many other people do as well into the water but I’ve never been that brave to do it. I don’t have the need to do reckless crazy things that like all the time. My idea of fun and adventure is different. But jumping off the cliff with my friend was a fun time.



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