A Donut Story

I’ve had the pleasure of trying many donuts from Tim Horton’s and I thought I would clump most of them together into a big review. There have been filled donuts, dipped donuts and glazed donuts. Some of my favourite ones are the dipped ones because the filled ones are too much sometimes.

There is a cinnamon coated donut that is filled with apple pie filling which I tried once and it was good. I really enjoy cinnamon sugar things so when I saw that this one was covered in cinnamon sugar I was excited. I’m not usually a fan of apple but I got the donut and just squeezed some of the filling out because it was filled a lot. For a while I tried to find a Tim Horton’s that carried the simple old fashioned cinnamon sugar donut but I could never find it. I remembered it as a kid and loved it. When I was coming back from BC we were in the Tim Horton’s airport and they had the cinnamon sugar donut. It was just as I remembered it. That distinct old fashioned donut taste was there and then the delicious cinnamon sugar on the outside. Those two cinnamon sugar donuts were good and Tim Horton’s rarely carries them but I think they should. One of the more recent filled donuts I’ve had was a caramel filled one. It was dipped in chocolate and had crumble of Skor or something on top. Then caramel on the inside. It was super sweet and I had to take some of the caramel out. As well as the chocolate and Skor pieces on top were sweet.

Then there’s the dipped donuts. I’ve tried an Oreo one, honey cruller dipped in chocolate, vanilla dipped with many different sprinkles, and honey dipped. The Oreo one was a special and I haven’t seen it since but I really liked it. There was the regular icing dip and then Oreo crumble on top and the Oreo was moist and fresh. It was good and the plain donut with the soft crumble on top was delicate and not too sweet. Another donut I don’t usually see at Tim Horton’s is the honey cruller dipped in chocolate. This one I didn’t like that much. Not only is the honey cruller already dipped in a sweet glaze but then the chocolate dip made it sweet, too sweet. I really like the texture of the honey cruller because the inside is airy and the dough is kind of moist but the amount of sweetness that they added to the airy donut didn’t equal up.

Some of the classic ones like vanilla dip and chocolate dip are always good. They change up the sprinkles on the vanilla dip frequently from the balls of sprinkles and then the stick shape of sprinkles. I enjoy the ball sprinkles more but the stick ones are pretty and used more. The stick sprinkles are too sweet to me. The smalls are simpler and don’t have such a sugary taste.

To go off topic the slightest bit I’m going to mention the birthday cake Timbits. Still donut dough but in the form of a small ball. The birthday cake Timbit is really good. It’s perfect because its small yet filling. It has a slight glaze on the outside and some tiny ball sprinkles then on the inside it’s got those sprinkles as well and it looked kind of multi-coloured. There one of my favourite Timbits.

Overall Tim Hortons has some great donut choices and I look forward to trying some more. There’s a whip crème filled one that looks great that I wanted to try but it’s gone now. Then there’s the Nutella one that has nuts on top which I haven’t had the pleasure of trying either but I still have many days of donut trying to come. Recently they added a churro caramel filled honey cruller. Meaning its churro like, (airy, which the cruller usually is anyway) but then also has cinnamon sugar on the outside, then I guess it’s filled with caramel. It sounds super sweet but I can’t wait.


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