Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie


Taken by Tori

Tim Hortons has come out with many good cookies in their days. Some are filled with icing, peanut butter, butter tart, Nutella or jelly. The chocolate cookie at Tim Hortons is filled with peanut butter and has peanuts on top as seen in the picture. Naturally I had to try it because of my love for all sweet things as well as peanut butter.

I was in the mall with my friend Karling when we decided to buy it and try it. We got it heated up because everything is better heated up as if its freshly out of the oven. We split the cookie in half and when we looked inside we saw a layer of chocolate then a brownish orange layer is peanut butter and then another layer of chocolate. It looked pretty good and I broke off a piece and put it in my mouth and examined it. It was soft and quite chocolatey. The peanuts on top added a smooth crunch and made the peanut butter on the inside slightly more prominent. It was good that Karling and I split it because it was rich. It’s the only cookie I’ve ever had at Tim Hortons so I can’t compare it to the other ones. compared to other cookies in general though, it was just ok.

Since then, Tim Hortons has come out with a red velvet one filled with icing and a Nutella one as well as a butter tart one filled with butter tart filling. I’m excited to try those ones. I think the red velvet one will take home the prize.


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