Maple Kick


Have you ever really craved something late at night and texted your friend to drive with you to go get it? Well Karling and I have done that multiply times. I was on a maple kick and wanted specifically the maple donut at Tim Hortons. Like other times when Karling and I have wanted something at Tim Hortons late at night, they didn’t have it. We drove to a couple different ones first and one of the girls said Tim Hortons doesn’t even have a maple dipped donut which was wrong. Once again, the East city Tim Hortons had what we were looking for. It wasn’t beautifully glazed like some of the other one’s I’d seen but at this point I just wanted one.

So, I got the maple glazed donut and Karling got an apple fritter. I was excited to try it and was pleased with the first bite I took. The maple glaze was good. It was an icing texture not hardened or anything and not too maple strong. It was a good change from the usual chocolate dipped or vanilla dipped. After a while the dipped donuts get really sweet and I usually can’t finish them. Overall, the donut was good but not one of the best. If I were at Tim Horton’s and deciding between the three dipped donuts I would get vanilla dipped. You have to be in the mood for the maple.

My maple kick went on for about a month or so and it just so happened that a lot of other places were doing maple flavoured things as well. Country style and Sobeys Bakery both had maple donuts which I tried as well. Country Style’s was very different. Not only is the donut just not as fresh tasted as Tim Hortons but the maple was hard. It was crunchy on top and kind of fell off once I bite into the donut. It also made the maple taste stronger because it was hardened for some reason. It was pretty good but I enjoyed the Tim Horton’s one more.

As for the Sobeys Maple donut, I really liked, more than the Country Style one and equal to the Tim Hortons one. The maple wasn’t as crunchy as the country style one but it wasn’t as soft as Tim’s. The donut was in between too. Not as soft and fresh as Tim’s but it didn’t taste stale. If I were ranking them it would go Tim’s, Sobeys, Country Style.



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