Ripley’s Aquarium


Ripley’s Aquarium became a thing a couple of years ago in Toronto. It is a huge thing now and I understand why. When I went with my dad and sister I was amazed. Everything was great and the jelly fish exhibit is one of the biggest hits I believe.

One thing that was interesting was this fish called the Lion Fish. I remember when I want to Jamaica they had signs up warning us about this fish because its deadly. It looks really cool but it carries a very venomous poison in its spikes. There was also this big tank full of fish just swimming in a circle doing their thing and it was really fascinating.

The jellyfish tank was lit with blue and pink lights and it made the jellyfish look really colourful and exciting. The way they moved looked fake it was like slow motion but cool.

There was a shark hole that people could walk through as well that was neat. I really like the bigger animals like sharks, whales, lions, gorillas, basically all the animals that are at the top of the food chain really interest me.

I was younger when we went to Ripley’s Aquarium so I didn’t read as many of the things that I would have liked to today but I remember the great things I saw and I definitely want to go back soon.

Recently I’ve been interested in a career in Oceanography, I think if I were to go back to Ripley’s Aquarium it would finalize weather or not I’m actually interested in pursuing a career in the ocean.


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