Taken by Tori

For my 16th birthday I got Beyoncé and Jay-Z tickets for the On the Run Tour. My sister and I got to go together, we dressed in black and gold and went out for dinner before the concert. We had good seats on the floor in the third section back. When the concert started however, the girls beside us ran to the front and my sister and I looked at each other and then decided to follow them. We ran down the aisle and got as close as we could to the right side of the stage. We got really close and it was amazing.

Beyoncé did some of her new songs like Drunk in Love and Flawless, while Jay-Z did some of his classics like Clique, Jigga and Crazy in Love which he sings with Beyoncé. It was really good because I didn’t realize that Jay-Z would be singing those classic songs that I love. Also, singing to those songs and hearing them live was a great experience. Beyoncé and Jay-Z both sound great live and I was amazed by their talent.

Eventually security guards came around and asked where we were supposed to be and got people to go back to their right seats but we still didn’t go back right to our seats. We went back a little bit but we were still pretty close and in a good area.

I’ve been to concerts before like Hilary Duff when I was younger and a couple of small ones like Hedley but this one takes the crown. It was such a great concert and the mixture between the poppy songs and the slow ones was perfect. I would definitely go again but I didn’t love Beyoncé’s new album Lemonade.



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