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Back in High School

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The Real Rice Krispie- Taken by Tori

Back in high school they had some good treats you could get from the cafeteria. They had big Rice Krispie squares and really good moist brownies, also some huge chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, muffins and cinnamon buns. I’ve only tried a select few of the things but one of my favourites was the brownie. The chocolate chip cookie was good when it was heated but sometimes too crunchy on the outer rim. The cinnamon buns were a big hit but I never got one, I was never into them that much anyway. I had a toffee muffin once that was really good too. The brownie though, was what I kept going back for. It was always so moist and so chocolatey.

It was my last year and I’d tried a lot of the things in the cafeteria except for one. I hadn’t tried the Rice Krispie, and I had this idea that heated up it would be really good. Every time after senior lunch the cafeteria doors would stay open and the ladies would be in the back and the things that weren’t hot, i.e. the brownies and treats, would just be sitting out in the open. Every time I walked by I said to my friend, “I could easily go in there casually and steal one of the brownies”, and she always said, “yeah totally”, but I never did, until one of my last days in that high school. Mercedes and I were walking by and I thought to myself, “I think it’s time, I’m going to try the heated up Rice Krispie and I’m going to walk in and get it and walk out like it’s no big deal”. So I did it. I walked in, grabbed the Rice Krispie and nonchalantly walked out. It was simple just like I thought it would be, the ladies were nowhere to be seen. I was wired with excitement and Mercedes was just laughing at me as we ran to the library to do work on our spare.

I heated up the Rice Krispie and had a bite. It was pretty good. I’m not much for Rice Krispies in the first place, I find them too sweet usually but this one was good. When I heated it up the Rice Krispie got a bit chewy but otherwise it was not too bad.

The next day I went back and left a dollar on the counter for the ladies, so you may be asking, “well why not just pay for it in the first place?”, but that wouldn’t have been as fun.


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