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Mexico- Reminded me of Moana- Taken by Maria

I recently watched Lilo and Stitch and I forgot how good it was. It has a great plot that revolves around family and acceptance. There are some cute little jokes in it as well and it’s just a fun friendly movie. When Moana came out I thought they were going to be very similar, Hawaiian and more about family oppose to princess and princes.

I watched it with my sister and it started out great. It didn’t have a slow start like some other movies. Recently I’ve just been bored when I try and start a new movie because the beginning is too long and drags on, but they basically jumped right into the plot with a nice back story and lots of cool songs. One thing that was really good were the songs. They were different than other Disney movie songs, they had a cool twist on them and there’s one that a snail sings that’s kind of jazzy and its really funky sounding but unique. The song that Dwayne Johnson sings called Your Welcome is a fun song too, I didn’t realize he sang in the movie but he’s good and the song he does is cool. Moana is a great singer as well. One of the songs that’s closer to the beginning of the movie I really enjoyed too because it reminded me of Lilo and Stitch. They sing in Hawaiian a little bit and the tune is flowy and it’s just a chill song.

Moana’s character was great, she was independent, fun and adventurous, she is a great role model for kids. Overall, I really enjoyed the plot line. It was really unique and fun. It was cool to learn about Hawaiian culture a little bit. Disney’s Tangled is one of my favourite movies and now Moana is a close second. I think the main reasons for that is the songs, I enjoy the music in both movies but also the plot is more about following their hearts. In Tangled she really wants to see the lights and she does what she thinks is right to get there and see them, and in Moana she loves the water and she wants to go out and adventure and fix her island.

I think Moana might be my new sick day movie.


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