Reese’s Extreme(ly Good)

Family Blizzard Night- Taken by Tori

A miracle, a sign, a calling, some of the few phrases I would use to describe the Reese’s Extreme Blizzard. I used to make daily trips to Dairy Queen and my favourite thing to get was Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard. I love Reese’s and every time I went to Dairy Queen I wouldn’t even have to order because they knew “small Reese’s blizzard with extra Reese’s” was what I was going to say. I say extra Reese’s because sometimes they just didn’t put enough in to my liking. My favourite part of it was the soft peanut butter middle that was in the ice cream. I didn’t like when there was too much of the outside chocolate part because it was hard and didn’t taste sweet enough. I slowly started weening off Dairy Queen though, and I hadn’t had one in forever.

Slowly Dairy Queen started coming out with new things. The first thing was a Reese’s Brownie Royal Blizzard which has peanut butter in the middle. It sounded glorious and I really wanted to try it, alas I didn’t. So, I waited it out. I decided I wouldn’t go to Dairy Queen just yet. Then, one rainy day I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and I saw it, a video advertising a new blizzard, not just any blizzard though, it was the REESE’s EXTREME! It had Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as well as Reese’s Pieces and not only that but peanut butter and chocolate sauce. I was in shock. My immediate thought was “wow they really want me back”. I didn’t see this as anything but a sign, Dairy Queen wanted their number one customer back and they knew my love of Reese’s and they used that to their advantage. Obviously, I had to get it. So, my sister, dad and I went to Dairy Queen one night. My sister got a Brownie and Skor Blizzard, my dad got a Banana Brownie one and I got the Reese’s Extreme, without chocolate sauce because I’ve never been a fan of the chocolate sauce.

It was the perfect night to go and I think it was meant to be because the Blizzards looked amazing. They didn’t look weak or uneven with the ratio of chocolate to ice cream, they looked completely perfect. We got back to the house, put on a movie and started eating our Blizzards. Mine was amazing. I wasn’t expecting the Reese’s Pieces to be so prominent, they were nice and crunchy just like how the Smarties Blizzards use to taste. They weren’t whole Reese’s Pieces, they were crushed which I really like. Then there was the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup which was great because it was more of the peanut butter soft chewy inside then the outside hard chocolate. Those two alone made the blizzard amazing, but then the peanut butter sauce was like a cherry on top. It made the plain ice cream taste even better than usual. I’m wondering what it would have been like with the chocolate sauce, I’m thinking it would have been good but I’m glad I didn’t get it on the first go. The blizzard itself looked great though. I didn’t have to ask for extra because they put the perfect amount in. Every bite was good and a mixture of the crunchy pieces with the soft peanut butter cup.

I would recommend it to everyone. Me, being a Reese’s Blizzard previous Dairy Queen Queen, I know my stuff and this one was the top Blizzard I’ve ever had. It was even better than the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Smash. I’ve yet to try the Reese’s Royal Blizzard that is filled with peanut butter but don’t worry, I will.


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