For a while now I’ve been wanting to try the Red Velvet cookie filled with crème cheese icing at Tim Horton’s, also the Butter Tart filled cookie. I had kind of been saving up for it, I wasn’t going to have any big sweets or cookies so that I could fully enjoy when I had the Tim Hortons cookies.

So the day had finally come where my sister and I were going to go to Tim Horton’s and try the cookies. I started out by getting the butter tart one and of course I got it heated. I was expecting the filling to be gooier and like the actual inside of a butter tart and I was expecting the cookie to be buttery and moist. Unfortunately, it wasn’t at all like that. There was an overwhelming taste of vanilla in the cookie. The cookie itself was soft but they added so much vanilla to the cookie that it just didn’t taste appetizing. The inside filling wasn’t gooey but just a small layer of a sweet stuff. I don’t even really know how to explain it. I didn’t end up finishing the cookie it was way too sweet and I really didn’t like it that much.

I went back and got the Red Velvet Cookie that is filled with crème cheese icing. I was more excited for this one because I love crème cheese icing. I got it heated and sat down then tried to break a piece off, except it wouldn’t break. The cookie was rock hard on the outside. It was like when you heat something up but you do it for too long and it gets stale and hard. Not only that, but the actual cookie didn’t taste like red velvet, it tasted more like chocolate with a weird bitter taste because of the crème cheese. The filling was really thin and not very prominent. I didn’t end up finishing this cookie either.

Overall, I was really disappointed with these cookies. I guess Tim Horton’s isn’t really known for its cookies but I expected more than that.


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