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I “Skor”ed

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My Caramel Brownie Score McFlurry- Taken by Tori

It kept popping up. Advertisements everywhere on social media and driving down the street, but that’s just what McDonald’s does. The new Caramel Brownie McFlurry was on my mind day and night and I was saving my tasting for just the right day. Not only had they added this new flavour but they added Skor a couple months back which is also a flavour I was dreaming about trying.

Something you must know about the McFlurry is that it is unique and unlike other ice creams. Although Dairy Queen is my favourite and always has been, the McDonald’s ice cream is way better. It’s not so much that the Dairy Queen ice cream is bad but it’s just plain. What people really go to dairy queen for are the toppings. Whereas the McDonalds ice cream is especially good because they aren’t focused on so many toppings so I believe they have more time devoted to making their ice cream especially good.

So, you can imagine how excited I was when McDonalds brought in the new toppings of Skor and brownie, because they had previously lost my interest when they changed the Smarties McFlurry to M&M’s (but for Americans I guess that didn’t make a different because they don’t have Smarties anyway) but it was tragic. And not only were the M&M’s not crushed up like the Smarties but they were whole and just did not taste the same, but that’s a whole other story.

Back to the Caramel Brownie adventure. When my mom, sister and I decided to go for a McFlurry on our way to dropping my sister off at the train station I decided it was time. I was going to mix the Skor with the Caramel Brownie McFlurry to create the ultimate taste bud sensation. Let me just say, it was undoubtable the ultimate taste bud sensation. The ice cream alone is amazing but the brownie chunks were moist ad chewy just like a real brownie and the Skor wasn’t too crunchy just nice and sticky in the teeth but what really brought it all together was the caramel that stuck to the sides of the cardboard cup. The gooey caramel, the crunchy Skor and the chewy brownie were all a concoction of majestic sweetness. My mouth waters just thinking about it now.

To say any more would be to overdo the deliciousness of the McFlurry. I will leave it at that and now it’s your turn to drive to McDonalds and treat yourself to the Caramel Brownie McFlurry with added Skor pieces.


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