Percy Jackson: And the Differences Between the Book and the Movie

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I’d been trying to find something to read. My sister told me to read Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief multiply times but I never did. Last week I decided to though. I picked up her Percy Jackson book and finished in 3 days. It was good. I really liked Greek mythology when I was younger and reading this book reminded me of that. I have seen the movie so I was pretty surprised when I started the first three pages and it was already unlike the movie. I thought maybe it would get better and more alike to the movie and it didn’t. I was crazy shocked when I finished the book and it was so different from the movie

First thing is they are supposed to be in grade 6, and they are clearly not in elementary school, if you’ve seen Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson) you will understand, he looks like the age he is, 25. Now moving past that there also is his character in general, I’ve heard a lot of people say that Logan Lerman plays the character a little too cocky. In the book Percy is innocent and doesn’t fully understand his power and past but in the movie Percy kind of jumps into this stuff and takes on a lot, thinking overly fond of himself and acting a little sarcastic and “know it all” ish. Having said that I love Logan Lerman and the way he played the character is nothing compared to all the other differences in the movie.

Something else that is totally different is Ares. In the book, Ares hides the lightning bolt in the backpack that he makes Percy get after another scene that isn’t in the movie. Logan the other demi-god in the movie doesn’t even turn bad until the end. So, the whole fight in the movie between Logan and Percy at the end doesn’t happen in the book.

Honestly if I were to name all the differences I would be here all day. In conclusion, the book is great and the movie is great. But honestly, they’re totally different. I will go on to read Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters and let you know how it goes.


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