Marble Slab: The #1 Ice Cream Place

Marble Slab

Taken by Tori

When I visited my sister in Kingston this past week we started our time together with getting pizza at Score Pizza, and it was delicious, as we continued to walk around downtown that night we saw a couple different ice cream places and that got us thinking. We started to google the best ice cream places in Kingston and found one called Marble Slab. So, we walked about ten minutes to this place and looked inside. It was magical. As soon we walked in and saw the jars of toppings and smelt wondrous waffle cones we were hooked.

We looked at some of the flavours and our minds were overwhelmed, we didn’t know what we were going to get. They had fruit based ice creams as well as peanut butter, cotton candy, chocolate, maple walnut, vanilla and lactose free vanilla (which I got) and so much more which I’m sure they change up frequently adding new flavours once a week. My sister got regular vanilla. It was good that we just got regular vanilla because we loaded it with delicious toppings and if we got anything other than vanilla it would have been way too sweet. The vanilla to topping ratio was perfect and the waffle cones smelt delicious and tasted just as good.

There were too man toppings to choose from, Butterfingers, Skor, cheesecake, brownie, Reese peanut butter cup, Reese pieces, graham cracker crumbs, caramel sauce, peanut butter sauce, chocolate sauce and a couple more that I can’t remember. I’ve always been a Reese’s peanut butter cup fan but just recently have I gotten more into brownie in my ice cream so I decided to get, Reese peanut butter cup with Reese pieces, and brownie and a bit of peanut butter sauce. When the girl first started putting the toppings in my ice cream, which they mixed together are a cold marble slab, I thought “oh no there isn’t going to be a good ice cream to toppings ratio” but boy was I wrong. It was perfect. I can’t even describe how perfect everything was. It beats the Blizzard and the McFlurry and any other ice cream I’ve ever had. This was the ultimate ice cream waffle cone.

The Reese pieces were crushed up to make a nice crunchy texture and the Reese peanut butter cup wasn’t too hard and they’re wasn’t too much of the outer chocolate but just the right amount of chewy peanut butter inside. The peanut butter sauce didn’t overpower but added to the nice chewy peanut butter cup inside. But the brownie is what tied it all together perfectly. The brownie was real brownie, so perfectly chewy and chocolatey there are no words. all of these amazing toppings in the lactose free vanilla ice cream, that tasted just like normal delicious vanilla, smooshed into a waffle cone was pure perfection.

My sister says hers was amazing too and I do believe her. If you haven’t been to a Marble Slab yet, you should go to one right now.


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