Score Pizza- Kingston Travels

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Score Pizza- Taken by Tori

Recently I went to visit my sister in Kingston where she attends school. Kingston has many great food places and we have tried out a couple different places every time I go up to see her. When I went up this time we decided to go to this place called Score Pizza. It’s like a subway for pizza’s, there’s a set price for a regular size then you can get as many toppings as you want and they have a wide selection. I hadn’t eaten pizza in forever but I thought that if I could put anything on it like a sub then it would have been pretty good.

My sister loves cheese so she got 4 different cheeses on her as well as bacon, ham and pepperoni, I tried a bite and it was pretty good. I was going to get the pepperoni on mine but I decided to go a little more adventurous. I don’t eat cheese and one of the reasons we went here is because they have vegan cheese which isn’t from an animal or anything. So, on my pizza I got pesto on half, pizza sauce on the other half, vegan cheese, chicken, green peppers and some spinach, with a barbeque sauce finish. It was pretty good.

The pizza sauce was too sweet and I didnt really like that. But the pesto was delicious and next time I think I would get it with all pesto. The barbeque sauce was nice but along with the pizza sauce it made that half of the pizza too sweet and tasted kind of funny and I didn’t like that. I love the pesto though and the chicken was delicious. The vegan cheese had a slightly different texture then regular cheese but not too different. I could have done without it though because I’m not too big on cheese so if I’m going to have cheese I might as well have the real thing. Next time I would maybe get some splotches of feta on it, with the pesto underneath I think that would start as a good combo. The green peppers added a nice taste to the pizza overall but they were in big strips and not cube sizes which made it kind of hard to eat.

Overall the pizza was really cool and not too bad, next time I would try someone new though because they had so many other options. They had artichoke hearts as one of the toppings, and so many different cheeses, arugula, olives (which I don’t like), pulled pork, pineapple and so much more. I highly recommend checking this place out, its super cool and definitely worth it.




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