Diary of an Oxygen Thief


One day I’m scrolling on twitter and I see this picture of a page from a book. It’s pretty popular everyone knows it and says, “omg I want to read this book” but unlike the others I actually decided to read it. It was hard trying to get through it but I did it. It’s a memoir of a guy from Amsterdam. I don’t like not finishing books so I had to finish it but it was tough.

The first page is fine and interesting just like twitter suggested and then as it goes on it gets boring. This guy rambles on the entire book about how miserable he is and how girls dump him and how he gets fired and doesn’t like his job. It was depressing. Maybe I’m not at the age where I can appreciate this kind of writing, his actual writing was good and well organized but just the story itself was dry. 

I would not recommend this for people who are young and wanting an exciting read, I would recommend it for people going through a tough time maybe and want someone to relate to. Sorry anonymous author from Amsterdam but your memoir was not my cup of tea. 


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